Thursday, September 30, 2010

Just a word about the interior.

The wall unit you can see in the sitting area is an example of Cado from the 1970's, designed by Paul Cadovius the Danish Architect. I found it, after some time months searching on an auction site and retrieved it from a large house in Barnet where it had been lovingly kept since it was purchased. Unusually, this example has the rosewood backing panels which gives it that something extra.

The coffee tables and the dining chairs are both designed by Richard Young of Merrow Associates and again from the 1970's.

The recliner is clearly courtesy of Le Corbusier.

The only picture currently in the house is the 1994 MOMA poster of Fallingwater by F.L.W that we visited earlier this year.

And the settees in the sitting area are usually occupied by a sleepy weimaraner !!!


Blogger Simon Matthews said...

Dear Bob,

Just wondering whether you are receiving posts/comments on your blog? If so, and you see this please respond with your email address - I may have a proposal for you...

Best wishes,


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Blogger Veer Shah said...

Hi Bob,

We are looking to build our very own Huf Haus, and I was wondering if you could spare me some time to have a quick chat?

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Blogger Niceuser said...

That's very nice building. Nice inspiration!

Peter from Alu türen hersteller

11:12 AM  

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