Thursday, May 29, 2008

OK I said it was going to be the end of April!!!!!!

Its now the end of May and we've had some crap weather. Now the grass is down, I'm praying for some more crap weather!!!!

Its been a long, long haul and there's some more to most people have plants in their garden and we don't have any yet, but the base is now there and we can do that over the summer.

Its cost a lot more than I originally thought....around £20K more , but we are here for the long term and its got to be right. ( or so 'er indoors keeps telling me)

After 12 months of wind, dust , earthmoving and rain we decided to get the windows cleaned and the slat blinds which serve the 'ground floor'. We had a quote from Huf Huas which included the woodwork and the windows which might have been better, but the cost?..... around £900 !!!

We opted for a guy from Oxted who did it for a third of that. We can now see out and admire the view!!!! I was thinking I might have needed another eye test but the expense was worth it...............We can see for miles, as that Kinks number goes!!!!

Lucca, the most important member of our family, a wonderful weimaraner, can't believe that there is grass at the end of the patio, as, for the last year, she has been looking out on the rough terrain, believing we had moved into some apartment with big windows. Life is about to change, big time, and she will be able to slip out in the evenings for a comfort break without having to treck 200 metres up the road!!!

I will be looking forward to a time when I can put the cheque book away and just enjoy the house and the garden.....but then there's a need for a shed and plants and more lighting and a BBQ and so life won't change will it??
The last image is a reminder of what it was like just as we started work!!! Some might say its an improvement....others ..NOT !!!
My fellow Swiss Huf blogger is probably enjoying those long May sunny evenings on the mountainside on his established patio, enjoying those distant cow bells and the cuckoo clocks chiming in his new Huf Haus. Spare a thought for us Brits, cold, wet and having to take off for sunnier climbs to sample what others take for granted. I know, Ric, where I would prefer to have my Huf Haus ...and its not in Engerland!!! Enjoy.....