Monday, April 28, 2008

Its nearing the end!!!!

I said it had to finish at the end of April.....we started in December and we are really not there yet!!

We've got the machine back for a week to push around the soil but the main problem has been the rain. They tried to grout the patio last week and then it rained. Everything just when squaggy and that was the end of that!

I'll do a post when we've finally finished next week , but in the meantime's as far as we've got.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Its April 08, and the snow is falling fast !

I've said that the work must finish at the end of April....not so much the money as the time it takes and the impact on life generally.

So, come the 1st of May all the tiling will have finished and the lawn will have been laid....and the fence put in...and the lights connected. Its not going to happen is it?....

Since we last wrote we have had some progress....evidence the photos.

Pam (her indoors is convinced that the paving tilts TOWARDS the house and all the rainwater will collect just outside the lounge window ready to catch any unsuspecting person inside hoping to get outside without getting a boot full of floodwater. There's absolutely no point in trying to explain the 40mm fall away from the house......its better to just nod and agree that we ought to wear wellington boots at all times.

I've started painting the woodwork black to complement the rest of the woodwork on the house.....'Sadolins ebony' great match....the task was temporarily halted by a large dump of snow which is a little unusual for will look good when finished though.

Lastly a piccy of the Huf in the snow storm.....