Thursday, April 12, 2007

There's light at the end of the tunnel!!!!

April 12th 2007

Kitchen's comin together......

The worktop men came today with 3 pieces of heavy Quartz.......its like Granite but with shards of glass in it. The worktops will no doubt be used to stand kettles, toasters, old newspapers, the post and the washing up so you'll probably never see much of this glistening finish anyway....but its there.

And the electrician arrived this morning to connect up the ovens and the hobs, he's goin to send his mate round to look at the CAT 7 cabling and see if we can do away with the trailing lead I have out of the plant room to the outside where it comes in through a window in my office and into a telephone socket with telephone and computer attached!!! (very Huf)

A Huf maintenance guy arrived from Germany this morning to fix a couple of things including a sensor on the solar panel. He arrived at around 9.30 am (which meant leaving Hartenfels around 3.00am??? He spent a couple of hours here and then went to another site near Dover before driving home.....back to Germany!!!!! Now I don't know about you but a trip to Germany would mean weeks of planning, having the car serviced a couple of times, renewing the passports etc etc......

And those LED lights in the kitchen??? Regular readers will remember this argument almost meant my wife and I coming to blows in the kitchen showroom. I lost, and shelled out £600 on some fancy LED lights to light the cupborads which house the dogs canned food etc. I fitted them OK, almost made me sick as I found some LED sticks in a shop the other day for £8 each!!!! Anyway , when you switch these on at night, they are bright blue....and I mean BRIGHT!!! A passing neighbour might think I'm doin some arc welding at night when they're on.........totally useless!!!!!
Andy and Baz and Graham return on the 23rd to start the groundworks.......gabions to support the embankments, push some muck around, build a brick wall and trim some trees.....then topsoil and then I can get some lawn down and the dog can go the moment its just mud and she is desperate to have some green grass to go for a widdle.

Off to France for a few will return to the next phase which is the return of the blind man and the wardrobes and the earthworks......the comment 'still at least we're in' now causes my wife to scream I tend not to use it so much now.

Oh I must get a plumber so we can have a sink and taps that work in the kitchen......still at least we're in!!!!!

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

4th April 2007

Well we did move in !!!!! the house could have been a little more finished inside. (As my wife kept on telling me.)

We had a kitchen with the units in...(but no worktops) or appliances as it happens. There is a microwave nad the fridge freezer works, but if you want to wash up dishes you have to find a sink elsewhere.

The worktops (the fancy Quartz ) arrive on the 12th April by a UK company , together with the Huf maintenance team who want to do some things to the solar system and various other bits.

The wardrobes arrive in around a weeks time but Nick ( the carpenter who was due to fit them )damaged his leg playing football, so its a bit dubious whether he will be able to it all without some help.

Anybody know how to connect CAT 7 cable to the telephone system??? I may be forced to get the Huf electician back to do this as the local man said he had never seen CAT7 before. Even the ever helpful BT guys said they had not seen it before. Its used for data transmission at a million megs a second. I guess I will not be needing that to phone up for a local pizza delvery....but you never know!.

The dog is bemused by all the glass everywhere and is sporting a bump on the nose at the moment through trying to pass through one of the glass doors in the lobby, after spying a cat at the front door.

Attached photos of the haven area...elsewhere its a tip!!!!